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7/18/2024 HoCo Opioid Data

7/1/2024 Make a Difference to Children in HoCo

6/20/2024 😎 What HoCo needs to know this summer

6/13/2024 🔒HoCo students, register today! Unlock the door to personal excellence

6/5/2024 HoCo Kids Prepare for Success – Free! Summer Opportunities!

5/24/2024 HoCo Youth Countdown to Calm 🌺

5/15/2024 💚Celebrating Possibilities in HoCo this week and throughout the year

5/6/2024 Are HoCo Graduating Seniors Ready for Beach Week?

5/1/2024 You did it again, Howard County!! 💚

4/27/2024 Today! Start your engines, HoCo!!

4/26/2024 Howard County: See you tomorrow!

4/22/2024 Stress, Prom Night, and Working Together!

4/16/2024 It Takes a Village HoCo!

4/12/2024 What’s Your Why, HoCo?

4/3/2024 HoCo Teens Said What?

3/15/2024 ☘️Don’t press your luck, HoCo!💚

3/7/2024 HoCo Adult Classes Starting Next Week

2/22/2024 What to KNOW before Spring Break?

2/15/2024 Hiring and More Happening in HoCo

2/8/2024 Have a Game Plan, HoCo! 🏈

1/25/2024 It’s almost game time, HoCo! 🏈

1/15/2024 The Best of HoCo💚

1/12/2024 💚 Why HoCo Students Keep Coming Back


12/30/2023 Together in the New Year

12/27/2023 Welcoming a New Year

12/19/2023 Happy Holidays, HoCo!

12/15/2023 HoCo Parents Have Spoken!

12/8/2023 We’re seeing GREEN in HoCo! 💚

11/27/2023 Howard County Teens Have Influence

11/20/2023 Thankful for you, HoCo! 🦃 🍂

11/10/2023 Almost 17.9 Million Pounds of Unneeded Medication Collected

11/3/2023 HoCo Slideshow Attached: Thank You!💚

10/30/2023 You did it again, Howard County! 💚

10/28/2023 Start your engines, HoCo! 🚗🚙🚗

10/27/2023 Howard County: See you tomorrow!

10/23/2023 Teens and Screens – Is there a solution?

10/16/2023 HoCo Families Building Stronger Bonds

10/10/2023 HoCo Youth Data, World Mental Health Day & More🌎 💚

9/29/2023 Support for HoCo parents, guardians, grandparents, and others!

9/5/2023 Addressing Stigma in HoCo

8/24/2023 Back to School in HoCo

8/22/2023 URGENT: Volunteers needed this Thursday August 24

8/17/2023 HoCo volunteers needed for an hour

7/31/2023 HoCo students confused if vaping is “smoking”

7/12/2023 DEA Warning: No second chances for kids

6/22/2023 Howard County Families & Businesses: Prepare for Scam

6/14/2023 Change is coming, HoCo!

6/9/2023 HoCo Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

6/1/2023 We contributed, HoCo!!

5/24/2023 Surgeon General Issues Social Media Advisory

5/17/2023 HoCo kids vape!

5/11/2023 HoCo, are you wearing green today?

5/4/2023 Tranq is here, HoCo

4/28/2023 HoCo has fun while doing the heavy lifting

4/24/2023 We did it again, Howard County!

4/22/2023 Start your engines, HoCo

4/21/2023 Howard County: See you tomorrow!

4/18/2023 The big day is almost here!

4/14/2023 HoCo, do you have questions?

4/8/2023 Spring Break in HoCo: A time for families to bond

3/24/2023 What’s your WHY, HoCo?

3/15/2023 HoCo kids reveal the most influential adult in their lives

3/6/2023 🖤 Today is Black Balloon Day 🖤

2/23/2023 HoCo kids don’t sugarcoat their reactions to THC candy

2/10/2023 What’s your Game Plan, Howard County?

2/3/2023 Howard County Opioid Crisis: Next Steps

1/25/2023 In Loving Memory

1/20/2023 Hey, HoCo, is today your best day?

1/9/2023 Town Hall Today at 5:30

1/6/2023 HoCo, how much is too much?


12/31/2022 Happy New Year 💚

12/28/2022 Getting Ready for 2023 in HoCo💚

12/20/2022 ‘Tis the Season…

12/17/2022 HoCo: $10 credit available this holiday season

12/8/2022 Putting your health before the holidays

12/2/2022 A Time for New Beginnings

11/29/2022 Save the Date: HoCo Town Hall

11/22/2022 Wishing You A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/17/2022 Healing for the Holidays

11/9/2022 HoCo 8th to 12th graders welcome!

11/4/2022 See Howard County Slideshow: Fun, hard work & community support!

10/31/2022 We did it, Howard County!

10/29/2022 Today is the day, HoCo!

10/28/2022 Howard County: See you tomorrow!

10/27/2022 HoCo, Start Your Engines! 🚗🚙🚗

10/24/2022 Reminder: Town Hall tonight (and more!)

10/20/2022 Learn what’s happening in HoCo

10/17/2022 HoCo Overdose Data Released

10/13/2022 Meet Your Child’s New Drug Dealer

9/30/2022 Warning HoCo Parents: Recipe for Danger

9/20/2022 HoCo clock is ticking! 60 seconds needed

9/18/2022 HoCo Adults & Teens Register Today!

9/7/2022 Long road but worth it

9/4/2022 Keeping HoCo Students Safe and Adults Informed

8/27/2022 Welcome Back, HoCo Students and Staff!

8/11/2022 That’s a wrap for another Ho Co class!

7/29/2022 Hiring and more in Howard County

7/12/2022 Howard County Overdoses (January to June 2022)

7/1/2022 Coming soon to MD

6/14/2022 You can crack the code

6/6/2022 We all make choices

5/26/2022 Remember, Honor, and Stay Safe!

5/18/2022 Parental Burnout, Teenage Brain, Kids and Cell Phones, and More

5/9/2022 Howard County YOU told us WHY

5/7/2022 Ho Co Slideshow: See the fun, hard work and community support!

5/1/2022 Howard County: Thank You!

4/30/2022 Today! Tour Trailer at Drive-Thru Medication and Sharps Collection

4/29/2022 Howard County: See you on Saturday!

4/27/2022 Three Maryland students’ food laced with dangerous substances

4/25/2022 Tour and Volunteer in Howard County

4/18/2022 Bringing H.O.P.E. to Howard County

4/8/2022 Howard County Overdoses in 2022

4/1/2022 What’s the difference between school and life?

3/22/2022 What is NDAFW?

3/16/2022 What caused West Point cadets to overdose?

3/8/2022 Free classes begin on March 30

3/3/2022 Fentanyl seized in MD could have killed millions

2/18/2022 Surgeon General testified about youth mental health

2/9/2022 DEA seized enough fentanyl to kill every American

1/28/2022 Cute emojis can lead to death

1/25/2022 Grieving parents demand Snapchat changes

1/12/2022 Millions of adults have these thoughts. Do you?

1/7/2022 FREE Classes for Howard County Adults and Students


12/31/2021 Happy New Year

12/21/2021 Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident

12/16/2021 Do You Want Presents or Presence?

12/13/2021 Ho Co: FREE! Driving Program next Monday

11/30/2021 Do you know the appropriate words to say?

11/21/2021 Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/19/2021 Howard County Video Attached

11/18/2021 Tragic Milestone in US

11/11/2021 Hey, Howard County, what’s the scoop?

10/28/2021 Howard County: More than 1,100 lbs. of Drugs Removed

10/23/2021 Today! Drive-Thru Medication and Sharps Take Back Event

10/22/2021 Howard County: See you on Saturday!!!

10/19/2021 Would You Know?

10/14/2021 Confirmed Overdoses in Howard County

9/30/2021 DEA Warns: One Pill Can Kill

9/20/2021 Spread hope and share your story

9/10/2021 Hope and Help in Howard County

8/30/2021 Join our team and make a difference

8/18/2021 Ho Co teens in educational campaign

8/9/2021 Helping Ho Co kids to bloom

7/28/2021 MD Releases First Quarter Data

7/7/2021 Make Memories This Summer

7/1/2021 Vote today!

6/27/2021 Real or fake? The difference may be deadly.

6/22/2021 Does your HoCo student have skills?

6/9/2021 Know BEFORE you go…to Ocean City for Senior Week!

6/4/2021 Senior Week is almost here. Is your teen IN THE KNOW?

5/19/2021 HoCo students create public service announcement: KNOW the Consequences

5/13/2021 Howard County Heroes

5/5/2021 Wow! 14.67 Million Pounds of Medication Destroyed

4/26/2021 Record-breaking event in Howard County

4/24/2021 Today! Drive-Thru Medication & Sharps Collection

4/23/2021 Howard County: See you on Saturday!!

4/20/2021 What happens after 4:20 p.m. on 4/20?

4/15/2021 3 out of 4 Doctor Visits and $300 Billion

4/9/2021 Howard County Police: 1st Quarter Overdoses

4/6/2021 “So She Did” in Howard County

3/24/2021 Real or Fake? Can you tell the difference?

3/17/2021 How to stay lucky

3/5/2021 Purchasing deadly drugs from home

2/24/2021 Protect Your Kids: Drugs & Predators Online

2/12/2021 KNOW what’s available on Snapchat?

2/3/2021 The Time is Always Right To Do What is Right

1/26/2021 Howard County students learn skills for life 

1/14/2021 2020 Be Legendary and Informed in Howard County 

1/7/2021 2020 Deaths in Howard County


12/31/2020 It’s Not Too Late, HoCo…

12/28/2020 10 Unexpected New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

12/22/2020 ‘Tis the Season to be IN THE KNOW

12/16/2020 Former Ho Co student on Forbes 30 Under 30 List

12/11/2020 What 7 Things Can Teachers Do To Prevent Addiction

12/1/2020 Make A Difference in Howard County

11/19/2020 Have a Safer Thanksgiving

11/12/2020 More than 53 Million Americans are Caregivers

11/5/2020 How the Pandemic is causing…sobriety?

11/3/2020 Howard County Slideshow Attached for Your Viewing Pleasure

10/26/20 Thank You, Ho Co. We Appreciate You.

10/24/20 Drive-Thru Medication & Sharps Collection is Today!

10/22/20 Howard County: See You on Saturday!

10/21/20 Changes to the Drive-Thru Medication & Sharps Collection

10/20/20 Ho Co Medical Staff Wanted

10/14/20 Howard County’s “Popular Site”

10/5/20 Maryland Fatalities: January to June

9/24/20 Working Together in Howard County

9/2/20 Back-to-School Resources

8/20/20 Event Postponed

8/12/20 Opening MD’s First Recovery High School

8/10/20 Don’t Drink Hand Sanitizer

8/7/20 Saving the Lives of Ho Co Infants, Children, & Adults

7/27/20 Warning to Howard County

7/20/20 Secrets in a Solo Cup

7/1/20 What Ripple are You Sending into the World?

6/23/20 What’s Up with Howard County Kids

6/17/20 Howard County Adults: Do You Know the Slang Words?

6/10/20 We Must Go Together

6/2/20 Keeping Howard County in the KNOW

5/5/20 Serving Throughout the Years

4/16/20 A Hero for Children

4/14/20 Grieving is Complicated

4/3/20 Need to Talk?

3/27/20 Drive-Thru Collection Postponed

3/16/20 Wellness Center Calls for Older MD Residents

3/10/20 1 Fatal and 8 Non-Fatal Overdoses in Howard County

3/3/20 Mourning One of Our Own Marc El-Sayed

2/13/20 Ho Co drive-thru meds & sharps collection (Sat, April 25)

2/11/20 Primary Prevention Saves Lives

1/31/20 The Vision for Health in Howard County

1/27/20 “Not My Child”…But Are You Sure?

1/20/20 What’s in Your Mail?

1/16/20 Women Need to Know

1/9/20 New Year’s Resolutions for Howard County Students


12/31/19 Life Skills in 2020

12/19/19 Howard County Suicide Fact

12/18/19 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/3/19 Think Globally, Act Locally

11/25/19 Security Clearances, Vaping Sensors in Schools, Meth in MD, & More

11/25/19 Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/11/19 Inviting All Howard County Teens

10/28/19 Ho Co: New Record Set at HC DrugFree’s Site (pages 5-8)

10/28/19 Ho Co: New Record Set at HC DrugFree’s Site (pages 1-4)

10/26/19 Ho Co Today (Saturday): We’re waiting for you

10/25/10 Saturday’s Community Event in Ho Co

10/24/19 Ho Co: Reflecting Upon the Past & Now Carrying on (Please Join Us)

10/10/19 Howard County, What Can You Spot in Plain Sight?

10/3/19 What’s In Your Teen’s Hoodie?

9/30/19 Howard County Overdoses: 2 Suspected Deaths and 2 Nonfatal

9/16/19 County Executive Ball Proclaims Drug-Free Pain Mgmt Month

9/6/19 Howard County Can You Spare An Hour?

8/28/19 5 Hospitalized in Maryland and 1 Dead in Illinois

8/15/19 What’s Hiding In Plain Sight in Howard County?

8/8/19 Howard County Won’t Be Disappointed

8/5/19 Marijuana Hidden in Hat Pocket

7/3/19 48.9 Million Americans Traveling

7/2/19 Dance Your Way to Happiness

6/20/19 12 Howard County PTSAs Continue to Give

6/11/19 The Numbers Are In

5/19/19 Columbine Survivor: To Heal, You Must Feel

5/13/19 Every 12 Seconds

5/3/19 Why Work Together in Howard County?

4/27/19 Today! We’re Waiting for Your Drugs and Sharps

4/26/19 Saturday in Howard County: Bring Your Drugs & Sharps

4/24/19 Free Life Skills Classes in Howard County

4/11/19 Local Mother Thinks Not My Kid

4/7/19 Costing a trillion dollars

3/31/19 Care for yourself and your loved ones

3/31/19 What to KNOW before going to the beach

3/15/19 Don’t Rely on Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

3/3/19 Help for Worried Howard County Parents

2/28/19 Prevention Saves Lives

2/13/19 11 Overdoses in Howard County Last Week

1/24/19 Today! Scientists available to answer teen questions

1/22/19 Ho Co Teens Get Answers to Questions

1/13/19 One More New Year’s Resolution


12/30/18 Before the Clock Strikes Midnight

12/18/18 Holiday Party Plans and What Santa Shouldn’t Find

12/9/18 What’s Up with Women?

11/27/18 Give from Your Heart

11/26/18 Faces of Prevention in Howard County

11/25/18 More than 200 overdoses in Howard County in 2018

11/20/18 HC DrugFree Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/8/18 New Opioid 1,000 Times Stronger Than Morphine

10/31/18 Howard County Treats – No Tricks!

10/22/18 Ho Co Adults: What is hiding in your home?

10/18/18 Stand with Howard County Teens

10/10/18 The Fight Against Opioids

10/6/18 Overwhelming Response by Howard County Parents

9/28/18 Who Can Howard County Teens Call for Help?

9/19/18 Howard County Man and Mom Share Hopes and Possibilities

9/16/18 Ho Co Parents Learn to Reduce the Risk of Drug Use

9/11/18 Howard County Teen Thanks You

9/7/18 New Video for Howard County Parents

9/4/18 Welcome Back to School

8/26/18 Events and More

8/19/18 Maryland Women Concerned about Drug Abuse and Addiction

7/26/18 “Sunny” Days

7/8/18 Survey Results Are In

7/3/18 47 Million Americans Traveling

7/2/18 100 Deadliest Days

6/4/18 Howard County Break the Chains: 100+ Overdoses

5/18/18 Do You Know 13 Reasons Why

5/10/18 Howard County Weekend: 7 Non-Fatal Overdoses

5/4/18 Medication Stolen from Howard County Pharmacy

4/30/18 Drugs Removed from Howard County

4/28/18 Today! Get Drugs Out of Howard County

4/23/18 Howard County Overdose Update

4/16/18 New Resource for Your Family

4/12/18 What did Howard County youth say?

4/4/18 Rat Poison Found in Synthetic Marijuana

4/2/18 Howard County Teens Share Advice

3/26/18 Educating Howard County as Overdoses Rise

3/21/18 Howard County Teens Kick Butts

3/12/18 5 Weekend Overdoses in Howard County

3/9/18 Ho Co Friday Night Free FilmFest

3/1/18 37 Overdoses in Howard County

2/18/18 Ho Co Teens Taking A Dangerous Challenge

2/14/18 Congratulations Joan Webb Scornaienchi

2/9/18 How Drugs Impact Howard County’s Youth

1/29/18 Ho Co: Impact of Substances on Academic Achievement and Mental Health

1/24/18 Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office Q&A #2

1/19/18 Q&A from Ho Co State’s Attorney’s Office

1/9/18 Howard County Competitive Edge and 1st Overdose in 2018

1/3/18 Howard County Police Make Drug Arrest


12/28/17 Howard County: 2017 Ending with More Overdoses

12/19/17 Partnering with the FBI as Ho Co Overdoses Increase

12/17/17 More Howard County Overdoses

11/28/17 155 Howard County Overdoses

11/28/17 Keep Howard County Dreams Alive

11/18/17 Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/17/17 Want to See More Smiling Faces in Howard County?

11/15/17 Howard County Contributes to National Stats

11/10/17 Howard County Leader Recognized for Vision and Passion

11/8/17 Howard County Police Charge 6 in Drug Distribution Case

10/31/17 Howard County is 1,212 Pounds Lighter

10/28/17 Today! Howard County Volunteers are Waiting for YOU

10/27/17 Tomorrow! Bring Your Meds and Sharps to Us!

10/24/17 Ho Co Children, Dogs, Camouflage, and Fun Ways to Learn

10/23/17 Committed to Serving Howard County Families

10/19/17 Where Will Howard County Parents/Adults Be Tonight?

10/17/17 Howard County Says: Not Our Children!

10/11/17 Working Hard in Howard County to Save Lives

9/30/17 Howard County’s Increasing Heroin Overdoses

9/26/17 What’s Happening in Howard County This Month and Next!

9/24/17 Ho Co Teens and Meds Don’t Mix

9/17/17 It Is Not Too Late

9/5/17 Welcome Back to School

8/10/17 Is Drug Testing Impacting Your Career and the Economy

8/8/17 Does Smoking Pot Make You a Better Mom

8/7/17 Does Howard County Need to Feel More Pain

8/1/17 Ho Co Parents Ask Does Marijuana Lead to Other Drugs

7/24/17 Do You KNOW What Addiction Is?

7/14/17 Howard County Overdose Update and DEA Warning

7/10/17 HC DrugFree Blog – A Cup of Cold Water

7/1/17 Setting a July 4th Weekend Record

6/13/17 Howard County Teens Run to Raise Awareness

6/1/17 Working with Howard County Schools and Community

5/16/17 June and July “First Time” for Some Youth

5/10/17 Empowering Howard County’s Next Generation

5/1/17 Thank You Howard County Residents and Police

4/28/17 100 Ho Co Parents Joined Us! See You Tomorrow

4/24/17 Don’t Forget: 2 Events for Howard County Adults

4/19/17 Ho Co Adults 2 Upcoming Programs for YOU

4/5/17 Howard County Council Resolution Alcohol Awareness Month

3/29/17 Putting Faces to Facts

3/28/17 Keeping  Ho Co Youth and Families Safe

3/22/17 Tonight! Hope to See Ho Co High School Seniors and Parents at Atholton HS

3/15/17 What You Need to KNOW to Kick Butts Today

3/9/17  Youth Month Information Is Good for Adults in Ho Co Too!

3/2/17 What Does Ho Co Need to KNOW before It’s Too Late?

3/1/17 What Begins Today in Howard County?

2/10/17 Breaking the Grip of Heroin in Maryland

2/3/17 What Super Bowl Party Tips Can Keep Ho Co Safe?

1/25/17 Ho Co Teens Shatter the Myths

1/25/17 Ho Co Remembers with Hope

1/20/17 Ho Co CommUNITY Dialogue

1/17/17 Join Ho Co Neighbors to Make Your Voice Heard

1/10/17 How to Keep HoCo Teens Safe, Active, and Informed?

1/5/17 Ho Co Teens to Hear from Harvard Student


12/30/16 Happy New Year from HC DrugFree

12/9/16 Holiday Party Tips, Athletes and Meds, Moments of Joy, and More

12/4/16 Prescription Pain Medication and Heroin (Opioids) Survey for MD Residents

12/1/16 Howard County Challenging Questions

11/29/16 What’s the Cost to be Friends?

11/21/16 Ho Co teens ask if you want to risk it. Surgeon General’s report and more.

11/16/16 Where Howard County Families and Friends Go for Help

10/26/16 HC DrugFree site collected 718 pounds of drugs

10/22/16 Ho Co: Today!!!

10/21/16 Ho Co: See you on Saturday!

10/17/16 Howard County Award, Video, Event

10/10/16 Howard County parent blog posts and much more

9/26/16 Today’s Update

8/31/16 Be in the KNOW

8/29/16 Welcome Back and Get Ready to Top 721 Pounds

8/17/16 What do 90% of Maryland adults engage in?

7/29/16 Do You KNOW the Signs?

7/14/16 Who in Howard County is In the KNOW this month?

7/1/16 What does MD’s Lt. Governor KNOW? 

6/19/16 Happy Father’s Day to Howard County Dads

6/10/16 Register Today for Upcoming Events

5/25/16 8 Graduated in Howard County

5/2/16 What was 721 pounds in Howard County?

4/28/16 What’s new in Ho Co this week?

4/7/16 What can happen at the beach?

3/24/16 What did 450 hear in Howard County?

3/21/16 What was Proclaimed in Howard County?

3/10/16 What’s Your Story?

2/29/16 Upcoming Ho Co Events

2/16/16 Ho Co Parents/Adults: Must See New FBI & DEA Video

2/6/16 Ho Co Residents:  Enter to Win $100, $75, $50, $25 and $10

1/26/16 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. TODAY!!! Ho Co Teens Asking Experts

1/08/16 Upcoming HoCo Events


12/31/15 Happy New Year from HC DrugFree

12/15/15 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/10/15 Teens Thank HoCo Board of Education

12/9/15 Volunteers Wanted for Immediate Help – Ends 12/20

12/1/15 Give to Support HoCo Teens

11/27/15 Improving the Quality of Life in HoCo

11/23/15 HoCo Teens Want You to Gobble, Not Wobble, on Thanksgiving

11/16/15 Quit Like a Champion!

11/3/15 HoCo Teens Walk a Straight Line

10/26/15 Halloween Tricks or Treats?

10/21/15 Happening Today at 2:20 PM

10/9/15 Presidential and HoCo BOE October Proclamations

9/30/15 Drug Take Back Day – How Many Pounds Collected in Howard County?

9/26/15 TODAY! Drug Take Back Day

9/25/15 Drug Take Back Day TOMORROW!

9/23/15 Congratulations Joan Webb Scornaienchi – Please join us on Saturday!

9/3/15 Do you KNOW the warning signs?

9/1/15 What’s Ho Co’s New Campaign?

8/25/15 Ho Co, do you KNOW the dangers of “dabbing”?

7/31/15 Howard County Police Save A Life

7/15/15 The Fish Need You!

7/1/15 Will You Become A Holiday Statistic?

6/17/15 Happy Father’s Day

6/11/15 Did You Know That Spring Cleaning Can Prevent Heroin Addiction?

6/4/15 Howard County: 138 Pounds and Counting…

5/28/15 42 in Howard County Hear National and State Update

5/14/15 350 Howard County Residents Heard Annual Safety Update

5/5/15 HoCo Teen Buys Alcohol…Again!

5/1/15 Parents: Enter After-Prom Drawing!

4/27/15 Senior Week Program – Last Chance Tonight!

4/20/15 How Can We Keep HoCo Youth Safe?

4/14/15 838 Pounds of Drugs Collected in Howard County

4/9/15 Drug Take Back Day This Saturday!

3/27/15 Police and HC DrugFree Press Release

3/23/15 Know What’s Happening

3/16/15 “Be a Parent, Not a Friend” Video 4 Released

3/13/15 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

3/9/15 What Do You Know?

3/3/15 Upcoming Programs

2/23/15 Senior Week/History in the Making, As Witnessed by HC DrugFree

2/11/15 Happy Valentine’s Day From HC DrugFree’s Teen Advisory Council

2/1/15 Super Bowl Sunday

1/30/15 Drug Facts Chat Day TODAY!

1/27/15 Upcoming Programs – Schedule Change

1/26/15 Upcoming Programs

1/23/15 HC DrugFree Remembers – a Year Later

1/21/15 Be A Parent Campaign – Video 2 Released

1/19/15 Congratulations to Joan Webb Scornaienchi


12/31/14 Happy New Year from HC DrugFree

12/16/14 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/11/14 “Be a Parent, Not a Friend” Campaign

12/4/14 “Be a Parent, Not a Friend” Campaign

12/2/14 Giving Tuesday

11/24/14 Giving Tuesday

11/21/14 Happy Thanksgiving from HC DrugFree

11/18/14 Save Others’ Lives…and Your Own

11/6/14 Parent2Parent Program

10/31/14 Breaking News: Marijuana infused candy seized in Maryland

10/22/14 Halloween is coming!

10/16/14 Playing Ball with Adderall

10/1/14 Maryland Law Changes Effective October 1

10/1/14 821 Pounds of Meds Collected in Howard County

9/23/14 “Taking Back” Howard County!

9/18/14 Be a Parent, Not a Friend Initiative

9/17/14 Keeping Your Teen Safe at Concerts

9/15/14 Homecoming

9/9/14 Working to Keep Youth Safe in Howard County

8/22/14 Do Breathalyzer Apps Work? And More…

8/11/14 Congratulations Hannah and Save the Date

7/24/14 It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Your Kids

7/21/14 NBC Parent Special Tuesday, July 22nd at 8pm

7/14/14 Ho Co Training & Updates

7/11/14 Three Free Desks

7/11/14 CONTEST: Win $100 for Having Fun!

7/1/14 We Did It and We Thank You!

6/25/14 Teen Staff/Have This Conversation with Your Child

6/13/14 Only 18 days left to reach our goal!

6/12/14 County Leadership Reviews Strategy

6/5/14 Contest Winner and Beach Safety

5/28/14 Overdose Response Training

5/20/14 Howard County Resource Directory Attached

5/16/14 Moving and Act Now

5/12/14 Howard County, State and National Awards

5/7/14 Howard County Take Back Day Results

5/1/14 Prom Costs in Howard County

4/22/14 HCPD and HC DrugFree ask you to clean out your medicine chest

4/2/14 Programs, Parent Contest and Videos

4/1/14 Howard County Parents: Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card

4/1/14 Must-See HoCo Teens’ Videos

3/19/14 2014 – Last Chance for Senior Week Program

3/17/14 HC DrugFree Weather Update

3/11/14 Howard County Sr Week in OC, Overdoses, Heroin and More

3/4/14 Congratulations Joan Webb Scornaienchi!

3/3/14 HC DrugFree Receives County Proclamation

2/18/14 HC DrugFree Working Hard for You

2/7/14 Heroin in the News/Save the Dates

1/31/14 Super Bowl Sunday Alert

1/28/14 Mall Shooting Touches HC DrugFree Family

1/27/14 Drug Facts Week

1/7/14 A Look Back at 2013

1/2/14 Answers to Your Questions

Newsletter Archive 2013 and Older