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8/12/20 Opening MD’s First Recovery High School

8/10/20 Don’t Drink Hand Sanitizer

8/7/20 Saving the Lives of Ho Co Infants, Children, & Adults

7/27/20 Warning to Howard County

7/20/20 Secrets in a Solo Cup

7/1/20 What Ripple are You Sending into the World?

6/23/20 What’s Up with Howard County Kids

6/17/20 Howard County Adults: Do You Know the Slang Words?

6/10/20 We Must Go Together

6/2/20 Keeping Howard County in the KNOW

5/5/20 Serving Throughout the Years

4/16/20 A Hero for Children

4/14/20 Grieving is Complicated

4/3/20 Need to Talk?

3/27/20 Drive-Thru Collection Postponed

3/16/20 Wellness Center Calls for Older MD Residents

3/10/20 1 Fatal and 8 Non-Fatal Overdoses in Howard County

3/3/20 Mourning One of Our Own Marc El-Sayed

2/13/20 Ho Co drive-thru meds & sharps collection (Sat, April 25)

2/11/20 Primary Prevention Saves Lives

1/31/20 The Vision for Health in Howard County

1/27/20 “Not My Child”…But Are You Sure?

1/20/20 What’s in Your Mail?

1/16/20 Women Need to Know

1/9/20 New Year’s Resolutions for Howard County Students


12/31/19 Life Skills in 2020

12/19/19 Howard County Suicide Fact

12/18/19 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/3/19 Think Globally, Act Locally

11/25/19 Security Clearances, Vaping Sensors in Schools, Meth in MD, & More

11/25/19 Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

11/11/19 Inviting All Howard County Teens

10/28/19 Ho Co: New Record Set at HC DrugFree’s Site (pages 5-8)

10/28/19 Ho Co: New Record Set at HC DrugFree’s Site (pages 1-4)

10/26/19 Ho Co Today (Saturday): We’re waiting for you

10/25/10 Saturday’s Community Event in Ho Co

10/24/19 Ho Co: Reflecting Upon the Past & Now Carrying on (Please Join Us)

10/10/19 Howard County, What Can You Spot in Plain Sight?

10/3/19 What’s In Your Teen’s Hoodie?

9/30/19 Howard County Overdoses: 2 Suspected Deaths and 2 Nonfatal

9/16/19 County Executive Ball Proclaims Drug-Free Pain Mgmt Month

9/6/19 Howard County Can You Spare An Hour?

8/28/19 5 Hospitalized in Maryland and 1 Dead in Illinois

8/15/19 What’s Hiding In Plain Sight in Howard County?

8/8/19 Howard County Won’t Be Disappointed

8/5/19 Marijuana Hidden in Hat Pocket

7/3/19 48.9 Million Americans Traveling

7/2/19 Dance Your Way to Happiness

6/20/19 12 Howard County PTSAs Continue to Give

6/11/19 The Numbers Are In

5/19/19 Columbine Survivor: To Heal, You Must Feel

5/13/19 Every 12 Seconds

5/3/19 Why Work Together in Howard County?

4/27/19 Today! We’re Waiting for Your Drugs and Sharps

4/26/19 Saturday in Howard County: Bring Your Drugs & Sharps

4/24/19 Free Life Skills Classes in Howard County

4/11/19 Local Mother Thinks Not My Kid

4/7/19 Costing a trillion dollars

3/31/19 Care for yourself and your loved ones

3/31/19 What to KNOW before going to the beach

3/15/19 Don’t Rely on Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

3/3/19 Help for Worried Howard County Parents

2/28/19 Prevention Saves Lives

2/13/19 11 Overdoses in Howard County Last Week

1/24/19 Today! Scientists available to answer teen questions

1/22/19 Ho Co Teens Get Answers to Questions

1/13/19 One More New Year’s Resolution