Be A Parent, Not a Friend

…don’t make alcohol available to teens

Alcohol can cause a lack of ambition. 

A DUI is costly. 

You are not alone.  

About the Campaign

HC DrugFree, on behalf of its partners in the Howard County Alcohol Coalition, launched an initiative – “Be a Parent, Not a Friend…don’t make alcohol available to teens” in 2014.  

The campaign theme, “Don’t make alcohol available to teens,” is directed at parents and other adults to make them aware of the risks and consequences of providing alcohol to underage youth, as well as the hazards of underage drinking, such as:

  • Providing alcohol to minors or hosting teen parties with alcohol is illegal and not worth the price you may pay.
  • Underage drinking is illegal and can have consequences for life.
  • Alcohol + Kids = a Dangerous Mix
  • Parents have the power to make a difference in stopping teen alcohol use.
Howard County Circuit Court Judge William V. Tucker; Executive Director, HC DrugFree – Joan Webb Scornaienchi; Former Howard County Police Chief Gary Gardner; and Former State’s Attorney Dario Broccolino

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