Substance-Related Intoxication Fatality Demographics

Cannabis Use and Outcomes: Howard County

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) have created a jurisdiction specific profile using the 2016-2019 Health Services and Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) data. The profile illustrates hospitalizations involving cannabis use.

Maryland 2020 First Quarter Fatal Overdose Data

The Opioid Operational Command Center released their report on the opioid crisis in Maryland for the first quarter of 2020. The report provides details on Maryland’s most recent intoxication fatalities data and outlines key elements of our response. Click here to read the full report and click here to read a brief summary.

Substance Use and Mental Health Among High School Cannabis Users

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) have created a jurisdiction specific profile using the 2018 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The profile builds on the reports published by the MDH in order to illustrate substance use and mental health among high school cannabis users. Click here to view…

What Do You Know About Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic drugs are made to look like other drugs, and it’s almost impossible to know what you’re really getting with them because they’re made illegally and often mixed in with other drugs. Click here to read the facts about synthetic drugs such as fentanyl, synthetic marijuana, synthetic LSD, and more. Click here to watch a…

6 Pages of Tips for Parents

To help parents interact constructively with their children, these six one-page tips for parents cover planning one-on-one time, staying positive, creating a daily routine, avoiding bad behavior, managing stress, and talking about COVID-19. Click here to access documents.

What to Do if You Think You’ve Been Drugged

Whether you’re at a party or just hanging out, it’s possible that someone—someone you know or someone you don’t—may slip something into your drink that can hurt you. Click here to find out what you should do if you think you’ve been drugged.

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns that COVID-19 could have a large impact on certain groups, including those with substance use disorders. COVID-19 attacks the lungs, so people who smoke tobacco or marijuana or vape are at a higher risk of being impacted. Click here to view a printable PDF of this article.

Report Released: 2020 Vision for Health in Howard County

For decades, Howard County has been known for its forward-thinking approach to creating the highest quality of life, serving as a national example of how people of diverse backgrounds can create a thriving community. Yet, the future presents new challenges. Click here for a printable PDF of the report released by the Horizon Foundation.

Maryland Survey Results Non-Prescription Opioids vs Heroin

The Maryland Public Opinion Survey tracks changes in patterns of use, attitudes, and source of opioid misuse among people in Maryland who admit to using prescription and non-prescription opioids. The survey found that the older age group (50-64) almost completely misused non-prescription opioids for pain management, while the younger group (18-25) is misusing mainly to…