Previous HoCo FilmFest Winners

HC DrugFree’s 2023 Film Festival Category

The 2023 HoCo Student Film Festival was held at the Miller Library at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 5, 2023.

Play the winning film in the HC DrugFree Public Service Announcement category, Don’t Do Drugs, Live for Hugs, created by Alyssa Collins from Centennial High School with acting provided by her sister Makalya Collins.

HC DrugFree thanks the dedicated Howard County Public School System advisors.

Pictured left to right: HC DrugFree Executive Director Joan Webb Scornaienchi with HCPSS advisors Binki McKenna, Jill Lee and Randi Trzesinski.
HC DrugFree’s logo on the back of the HoCo Student Film Fest T-shirt

Visit HoCo Film Fest YouTube channel to view many of the Film Fest films entries in previous years.

2021-22 HoCo Student Film Fest HC DrugFree Category – KNOWKids Nurturing Others Wisely

The 2021 – 2022 HoCo Film Fest was held on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Miller Library. Play the winning film in the HC DrugFree Public Service Announcement category created by Mia Dowd from Lime Kiln Middle School. Visit the HoCo Film Fest YouTube channel to view all of the films that were submitted for this festival as well as past films.

“Drinking Doesn’t Solve Problems” by Mia Dowd

Thank you to all of the other students who submitted to the HC DrugFree PSA category! It was a challenge choosing the best because they were all so well done.

“Kids Nurturing Others About Prescription Drugs” by Rachel England, Devon Yeckley, Sam Umana

“Don’t Feen for the Lean” by Russell Hong, Rayyaan Mohamed, John James
“Don’t Vape!” by Safi Hampton, Jenna Wilson, Jaria Butler

HC DrugFree’s 2020-21 Film Fest Category theme: KNOWKids Nurturing Others Wisely

The HoCo Student Film Fest was held on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. on the HoCo Film Fest YouTube Channel. Play the 2021 winning film in the HC DrugFree Public Service Announcement category created by David Huang, Ben Schirmer and Peter Wang from Centennial High School:

View all the films from the 2021 HoCo Student Film Festival

2019-20 School Year Film Festival

The HoCoFilm Festival was held on Friday, April 24, 2020. Sorry, due to the pandemic, HC DrugFree category entries was postponed until the 2020-21 school year. Our Public Service Announcements (PSAs) topic was to be: “Resiliency! Just say KNOW!” and focus on building resiliency and choosing drug-free alternatives to dealing with peer pressure (social media, parties, vaping, etc.).

2018-19 HC DrugFree Category “In the KNOW”

The 2018-19 HC DrugFree Category Public Service Announcement (PSA) theme focused on In the KNOW specific to vaping or Juuling in Howard County. KNOWledge is power, and we all need to be “In the KNOW” about drug use in Howard County. Drugs include nicotine.

2018-19 School Year 1st Place Winner: “In the Know about Students Who Vape in Howard County” by Claire O’Shaughnessy

2nd Place Winner: “Escape the Vape” by Reservoir High School student Dannah Marcelino

2017-18 HC DrugFree Category “How Alcohol/Drug Use and Abuse Effects Family and Friends”

HC DrugFree was pleased to partner with the HoCo Student Film Festival. In 2017-18, HC DrugFree’s Public Service Announcements (PSAs) category focused on how alcohol/drug use and abuse effects family and friends.

Winner: Don’t Disappear by Reservoir High School students Cole Winters-McCabe, Kai Harris, Jon Eaton, and Aisha Ordonez

2nd Place: Your Presence is Requested by Hammond High School students Hosea Mundi, Kaylee Wisdom, Marc Quintero Estepa, and Jordan Dorsey

3rd Place: The Devil’s Lettuce by Reservoir High School students Nate Allen, Cole Winters-McCabe, and Kyle Fultz

2016-17 HC DrugFree Category “Stressed Out? KNOW Drug Free Alternatives”

The 2016-17 HC DrugFree Public Service Announcements (PSAs) focused on the stresses faced by teenagers and how they could handle stress without drugs and alcohol. 

Winner: Take Charge by Reservoir High School students Amanda and Claire O’Shaughnessey.

First Runner Up: Stress Less Club, Allison Siil, Muskaan Manroy, Veronica Adler 

2nd Place: “Two Options” by Hammond High School students Renee Lindenmann, Nashawn Callands, Bailey Smith, Michael Weiss, Hosea Mundi and teacher: Ms. Mary B. West 

3rd Place: “Stress” by Atholton High School student Cianna Bisant and River Hill High School student Chidera Umeozulu

2015-16 HC DrugFree Category “Don’t Share Your Medications”

For the second consecutive year, Rachel Lin, a senior at Howard High School won the HC DrugFree Category at the HoCo FilmFest. Congratulations to Rachel and all the winners.

Winner: “It Starts with One” by Rachel Lin, Rachel Water and Michael Cook (Howard High School)

1st Runner Up: “Hit Me Up” by Nicholas Martineau and Ryan Buckmaster (Centennial High School)

2nd Runner Up: “Don’t Start” by Lauryn Terry, Victoria Duong, Kameron Smith and Desiree Gabor (Hammond High School)

Judge’s Choice: “Hope” by Cianna Bisant (Atholton High School)