Summer Life Skills Class Recap

Life Skills Instructional Team

Thirty four elementary, middle and high school students participated in HC DrugFree’s summer online Life Skills series. They were joined by our instructional team of 3 high school students, 3 college students, a recent college graduate, a parent, and HC DrugFree’s Executive Director. An evidence-based curriculum was followed and team members shared their experiences.

Student feedback:

  • “I learned A LOT!!!!!!!!”
  • “I like the youth team because we can relate to them more and they are closer to age to us.”
  • “I learned how to handle strong emotions and how to say no to drugs/alcohol.”
  • “I like being taught by the youth team because they explain some thing that happen to them and how to deal with it.”
  • “Everybody had their own stories to share which I found interesting.”
  • “I learned the dangers of smoking, marijuana, alcohol, drugs, and vaping. I also learned about relaxation techniques for anxiety, and how advertisers can trick you in advertisements. I also learned how to speak up if I am in a situation I am not comfortable in, and to have a trusted adult to call if I am ever in a situation like that.”
  • “I learned to say yes to healthy friendships.”

No future Life Skills series is scheduled at this time. More information about school year 2021-22 classes and events will be shared in our newsletter.

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