What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

At HC DrugFree’s recent Teen Advisory Council (TAC) meeting, high school teens discussed what they would tell their younger self entering 9th grade. Here are their answers:

Drugs including alcohol have never made a teen’s life better or easier.

Don’t stress about everything. Relax. Stressing is a waste of time.

Start a club to get others to join you in doing what you like to do.

While they matter, grades don’t matter as much as you think.

Be open to making new friends and don’t be quick to judge others.

Friends will not stay the same throughout high school years. 

Choose friends wisely because they will influence your choices. 

Make a good impression on others (especially teachers and adults who might provide reference letters).

Don’t be afraid to ask for help (especially from teachers).

Don’t procrastinate. Have better time management skills.

Find healthy ways to deal with stress such as exercising or getting more sleep.

Study in advance of tests.

Don’t party as much.

Drugs (including alcohol) make teens focus on the wrong things such as getting more drugs.

Know your family history about drugs and alcohol before you try them.

Don’t do drugs (including alcohol)!!!

Avoid the “bad school bathroom” where teens use drugs.

I’ve never met a drug dealer who wasn’t caught so don’t deal or buy drugs.

Don’t let peers/friends influence you to do something you usually would not do.

Don’t make bad decisions that will impact your life and reputation.

Have fun, but know your limits.

Don’t stay up too late doing homework and studying. 

Do your homework in the morning when you’re fresh.

Know the Good Samaritan Law so you can help others and stay out of trouble.

Don’t stay tied down to relationships just to have a high school sweetheart. 

Dating is not worth the time or drama. 

Support your friends during dating breakups even when you want to say you warned them.

Social media spreads information to everyone so there are no secrets.

Get a job and make money for what you want rather than wasting time on what you don’t want.

Don’t get into fights over dating relationships. 

Try to read people better and avoid fake people. 

Make upperclassman friend.

Drugs and alcohol are not worth it.

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